Thursday, January 28, 2016

Reflection 1: Why am I taking this course?

I actually know very little about the Arab World, and what I do know is from what I learned in history classes throughout my school years. I chose to take this sophomore interdisciplinary study because I am a mathematics and criminal justice double major, and while that may seem like a strange combination it will actually open up many doors into government agency jobs, such as the FBI or CIA. My goal is to work for the FBI or CIA in the counter-terrorism department, and by knowing Arabic and more of the Arab world I can get a fuller grasp on what may need to happen to help improve both foreign and domestic conflicts. While I have never been to the Arab World, I someday hope to visit to embrace the culture outside of a classroom. My views on the Arab World were impacted by 9/11 even though it may not seem that way. Since I was five when the attack occurred I do not remember much; however, the society I grew up in was effected by 9/11. I was effected through the attack because those around me became scared, which led me to be scared as well. My views were impacted through certain people by seeing their ignorance and intolerance of people who do not practice Christianity, and that taught me what not to do and how not to act. I grew up in a time period where people feared Muslim’s because of what a radical group did, and I do not believe that we should fear Muslim’s or anyone of the Arab World.