Thursday, April 28, 2016

Weekly Report 8: Edward Said

Edward Said is considered one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century and spent the majority of his adulthood advocating for the people of Palestine. Edward Said was born on Jerusalem on November 1, 1935. His father was an American citizen who fought in World War I and because of this Said was not allowed to speak Arabic growing up, only English. In 1947 Edward Said and his family moved to Cairo, Egypt permanently, and until he turner 15 he attended Victoria College. When he turned 15 Said headed off the Massachusetts to attend Mount Hermon. He never felt that he was accepted at the boarding school; he did not understand American teaching and did not really have a close group of friends. Post high school, Said went on to study at Princeton University for his bachelor’s degree and then onto Harvard University for his master’s degree and doctorate degree. In 1963 Said went to teach at Columbia University as a professor of English and comparative literature. Said was married two times and has a son and a daughter.

Edward Said’s first book was published in 1966 and titled Joseph Conrad and the Fiction Autobiography. Said co-authored this book with a fellow author named Conrad, a Polish man. His second book, Beginnings: Intention and Method, was written in 1975 and was inspired by the Six-Day War that occurred in the Arab World.  

Said eventually became dissatisfied with the peace making process that was in place. After the Oslo Accord took place Said started to criticize Palestine’s leadership. In 1991 Said resigned from the Palestinian National Council because he thought that they were being too weak in negotiations. Said was eventually nicknamed “professor of terror” when he was photographed throwing a stone at an Israeli guardhouse. In 2002 Edward Said’s leukemia became extremely bad and he worked tirelessly to finish his last books. In 2003 Edward Said passed away, before dying he received many achievements for his literary works. 

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