Friday, April 1, 2016

Reflection 5: Israel-Palestine Conflict

With regards to the Israel – Palestine conflict, I believe that the current two – state system should remain as the solution for these two countries and divide up the capital. I believe that this is the best way to solve this issue without a war being started. Now there are some changes that I think should be made. A major issue is that it is very difficult to travel from Palestine to Israel because of the insane procedures; every country does need a border patrol and laws for who and what can come in and out of the country. However, Dr. Zaru told us during her lecture about how there will be times when entire families will attempt to get a visa to cross the border and everyone in the family will be approved for a visa…except one person. Another issue is that even if one receives a visa, there is still a chance that at the border they will be denied entry into the country. This issue has manifested itself in many different ways, but it all leads back to one main issue that I can clearly see…respect. Respect between countries, especially countries that are neighbors that share a capital, is vital. Both countries need each other for support and without it, the current issue will only get worse. Another way that I believe the United States could aid in solving this conflict is to not get involved. This is an issue between two countries that does not involve ours. And if the issue continues to escalate to war, the United States will be involved. This, I believe, will lead to a bigger war because there are many countries that have withdrawn support of Israel and therefore will support Palestine. Overall this is a problem with a tough solution, and the solution is not going to come from just one person. Many people are going to think they have to solution, but overall the solution will be one that comes from the minds of many. 

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