Thursday, March 3, 2016

Reflection 3: The Concert

I have never heard music like I did on March 2, 2106. The trio that performed were very upbeat and lively, and their music had the rhythm and tempo that made you want to get up and dance. A few actually did get up and dance, including my professor. Massamba, the man who plays the talking drum, brought my professor up to dance, he had Dr. Esa moving his hips and getting his groove on. The moves Dr. Esa was doing was a mix between the dance moves of Jump on it and The Cha-Cha Slide. While Dr. Esa dancing was hands down my favorite part of the concert, my favorite song out of the entire concert had to be Wala-Wala. The song just had a beat that is too hard to get out of your head. Another part of the song that I really enjoyed was that Massamba was so upbeat in his playing and got the audience to join in the singing.

Today in class the trio came and talked to us. One part of what they talked about that really stuck with me was when they briefly mentioned how they were all from different parts. The dancer is from a small fishing village and he grew up taking after his mom and becoming a dancer. Massamba grew up in a family known as “the African Dictionary”; his family is where one would go to find out information about their family. And then there is Troy, who grew up in New Jersey. These three men all came from different types of families and yet they came together through the power of music. The way this spoke to me is that even with all the hate and discrimination going on in today’s world, there is still some hope of a single force bringing people together for the better 

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